Don’t let poor health data management lead to poor patient care

Duplicate patient records. Mistreated patients. Crippling costs. At 4medica, we help you turn health data mishaps into reliable data quality, so you can operate at the highest efficiency and provide more meaningful care to those who need it most.

Headquarters for Health Data Quality

We provide a data quality platform that drastically improves the health of your data and makes “one patient, one record” a reality. Think of us as HQ for Health Data Quality (HDQ).


What is health data quality? It’s how, where, and when health data evolves over time, and whether or not it’s useful. Quality data is crucial to our entire healthcare system – especially as it rapidly becomes digitized, recorded, and stored electronically. By making data more sophisticated and useful, you can discover better care coordination, greater clinical insights, and a healthier population.

Health Data Quality Solutions

Improve Data Accuracy

4medica uses advancements in automated intelligence and analytics with an embedded rules engine that automates both critical and high-volume decisions to better define and improve the accuracy of the matching sequence.

1% or Less Guarantee

No other vendor offers a performance guarantee! The unique combination of the outcomes-based power of the automated intelligence in the 4medica Big Data MPI™ and data stewardship services ensures your duplication rate is at or below 1% and stays there. 100% Guaranteed.

Reference Database

Did you know 4medica does more than matching demographic data to a comprehensive and continuously updated reference database of identities instead of just comparing one record to another?

Inverse Index Technology

We take referential data matching to the next level by incorporating Inverse Index technology pioneered by search engines and layers on modern non-SQL databases to further enhance simplifying the process. Eliminate your duplicate medical records in milliseconds at a fraction of the cost.

Why 4medica?

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“Now providers have access to health records regardless of where the patient receives care. It brings a full spectrum picture to patient care and enables us to look at whole-person care ─ the right care, at the right time, in the right place."
Prudence Vincent, BSN, R.N.
Director of IHDE Customer Operations and Engagement

See how 4medica and the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) used patient-matching to improve access and create a stakeholder-oriented ecosystem.

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Explore recent news articles and press releases on the impact of data quality across our healthcare system.

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