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Oct 13, 2023

eBook – MPI as-a-Service

Improved MPI Solutions

Improved data accuracy, ROI, and patient outcome with the 4medica health data quality process.

Why Patient Safety Relies on MPI Solutions

As healthcare becomes more complex, accurate and connected patient data is essential to providing quality care. However, “dirty data,” human error, and systems that are not synced together challenge the patient journey, increasing risk to patients and creating avoidable costs for healthcare institutions.

The solution? Quality data and accurate patient matching. A Master Patient Index (MPI) and Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) can ensure clean data that enhances patient care and improves operational efficiency.

mpi solutions

Talk With An Expert About How To Reduce Duplicate Patient Records

4medica Can Clean Your Patient Data Records. We Guarantee a 1% Duplication Rate or Less!

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