Master Patient Index Software Duplication Assessment

4medica’s Master Patient Index software assessment helps you understand and correct duplicate patient records enterprise-wide.

In today’s world of complex patient matching across multiple health care and service providers—and  the lack of a standardized patient ID— it’s not enough to implement a master patient index (MPI) software solution. It needs an accurate patient matching solution to eliminate duplicate patient records.


For most, this remains an imperfect process, but thanks to 4medica’s groundbreaking process, we’re successfully able to reduce our client’s rate of duplicate records in their Master Patient Index to less than ONE PERCENT. Zero even. 


It’s unprecedented in an industry that averages 10% and we’re so confident we can do this for you that we 100% guarantee it. It’s built in to what we deliver.

The Only <1% Guarantee of its Kind in the Industry


During the initial assessment, we will load and score your data using the 4medica Big Data MPI™, which analyzes data quality to identify your real duplication rate.  


Then, as part of the overall assessment, you’ll receive a report that outlines a phased-in approach to clean all data in your MPI, and ongoing processes to maintain a 1% (or less) duplication rate.


This report is yours to keep, whether or not you decide to have 4medica assist in cleansing your data to remove duplicates, or any of our ongoing MPI maintenance services.

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Your Master Patient Index is a powerful tool… but it’s significantly more effective when it’s accurate. One patient, one record. Only then does it provide the holistic 360-degree view that allows you to analyze data accurately, ensure the best possible patient care and identify actionable insights that help you maximize success.


We’re a leading expert at solving MPI challenges and improving accuracy, and we know exactly what you’re up against. With the solid understanding of your MPI’s current issues and the organization-wide roadmap for consistent, correct data that we’ll provide, you’ll be far ahead of the competition.


From your organization’s top leadership to individual patients, people will notice the difference.  

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